Sun-Impex is the leading manufacturer & Exporter of Diatomaceous earth/Reactive Silica/diatomite/kieselguhr, Natural Sodium Bentonite powder, Amphorous Silica, Soap Stone, Baryte, China Clay etc. & in India. Different types of Natural minerals are available under one roof named as Sun-Impex. Our superior quality minerals are widely used in lots of research and development works, Construction and Civil Engineering, Drilling & Pilling, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Foundry Application, Water well & Oil Well Drilling, Water Proofing, Civil engineering application. We have a penal of experts that has voluminous experience in the field of different minerals. We deal with all kinds of minerals that are world widely used in engineering industry, steel industry etc. Our prestigious clients can glad to hear that we provide different types of minerals at the most acceptable price.

We also provide value added products ot our customers.

With a well equipped Laboratory our products of different grades of qualities are marketed with strict quality control. Supplies are also arranged according to the consumer's own specifications. The high Technical guidance to the customers for obtaining best results, is also provided by our technical staff. Being pioneers in the Industry with having long experience and continuous R & D. We are the leading house of Rajasthan Bentonite in India.

All our products come with a promise of ‘no compromise on quality'.

Crusher n Dryer Kiln factory actual pics
factory actual pics factory actual pics
factory actual pics factory actual pics